Thursday, April 24, 2014

Office Alternatives For iPad

If you need to create and edit various documents that you can later view and edit in Microsoft Office, this story will be helpful:

Monday, November 4, 2013

12 Must Have iPad Apps For Newbies

Ok, there is now the iPad Air, iOS 7, and maybe some new users, so here is a link to an updated list of iPad Apps:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Can I Draw, Paint and Brush on an iPad or iPhone?

Can I Draw, Paint and Brush on an iPad or iPhone?

Want to draw and paint on your iPad or iPhone? 
Looking for a "paint brush" like stylus?

Recently I found myself chatting with a friend online about whether or not they should buy a refurbished Android tablet that was on sale online?  Here is the bulk of our conversation.

My friend:
Soooo Groupon has a special for the tablet I want, like 75% off, but it is refurbished, should I still go for it?

Another friend:
Does it come with a warranty?

Oh, just get an iPad. Have you not heard about the security issues with Android tablets and phones? If you do get an Android, make sure you get anti malware and antivirus software for it! Besides, there are over 750,000 apps for iPhones and iPads. You get what you pay for. . I've had my first gen iPad fit several years now. Sure I would live to get the latest model, but that's not in the budget right now. I have friends who cannot find various apps to run on the particular Android tablet like the Kindle Fire. Don't buy it because it's a cheap tablet, buy it because it has the software you want to run, and will Di what you need it to do today, right out of the box, and not because it MIGHT have that software eventually.

Have you read the story I posted this morning on how the ACLU is moving to sue Google and various Android phone makers for not making the OS more secure? Here is the link to the ACLU story:

My friend:
It is the Samsung Galaxy, the new one. It has a lot of things on it that I need that the iPad does not (surprisingly). I am no sure about a warranty.

AND, if you have an iPhone, all apps you have already purchased can be installed for free on your iPad.

Another friend:
I say iPad... I have iPad and an Android and I will always choose the iPad. What are u looking for that the iPad doesn't have

My friend:
Yeah, that is why I liked the Samsung, I tried them both, and it worked better for me. And I don't think you can use stylists on the iPad can you?

The split screen, some of the apps, the drawing WITH the stylist, I need that for makeup and sketches.

Another friend:
Tell apple to get in it lol

Hmmmm. Drawing on top if photos? I use The Brushes app (like a scaled down Adobe Photoshop, it's pixel based). Want an app that is more like Adobe Illustrator that is object based? I use the Inkpad app. I guess you were not aware of those. You might want to check my early posts in my blog at look for the list of apps.

Why is a split screen so important on a screen that is under 10"?

My friend:
It is not drawing on top of photos, it is just sketching, and split screen to drag and drop and also to look at something on one screen and be able to keep it up to draw in the other.

Yes both the Brushes app and the Inkpad apps have multiple layers, so you could paint several versions of different makeup color screens on top of the same photo. And you can easily email the images from inside these apps. 

These are lots if different styli too. There is one that is an actual 'paint brush' from It is actually quite amazing and there are several different brush tips you can get. If you really want emulate brush techniques. . Something else a number of people do not realize is that the touch screens and sensitivity are different on different tablets. Try it out first in person before you buy.

My friend:
Yeah, that is why I liked the Samsung, I tried them both, and it worked better for me. And I don't think you can use stylists on the iPad can you?

LOL WHERE do you get your info? Fox news? Any stylus will work on any touch screen! Provided the stylus is designed to work on a touch screen - you can't just grab and use a ballpoint pen.

The Brushes app sounds like just the thing you are looking for. You can drop one or several photos into one layer, say 2 copies of the same photo side by side. Then add a new layer to draw on one of the photos so you can see and print the Before and After images in one email able or printable document.

And did I mention that you can hit Play and watch Brushes start from the beginning and "draw" every single stoke as an animation? VERY SLICK!

And when you buy an Apple iPad or iPhone you will get a 1 year warranty, which you can buy an extended warranty as well. But if you have any questions or issues, you can just bring it right into any Apple Store and they will help you for FREE. Can you get that kind of service on any of the Android tablets?

And call me silly, but if there are already "refurbished" units of the latest Galaxy, I have to ask why did the previous owner return it?

With the Brushes app for your particular use, you do not have to start with a photo and draw on top of it, you can start with a blank document. But fir some of the garden designing I have done, it is great to be able to take a photo, then sketch on top of the photo. You can always delete the photo later, but it will make getting your proportions correct very easy.

I would think that taking someone's photo on an iPad, then sketching in what you think their makeover will look like, and then show the customer right there, would be quite impressive. When you show them the before image and the makeover image, they will quickly get what you are talking about.

And yes, if you need to do a lot of keyboard typing, there are many bluetooth enabled keyboards you can buy to use with an iPad or iPhone.

So, yes.  You can paint or draw on your iPad or iPhone, with a paint brush stylus, as well as most any other styli that are designed to work with touch screen devices.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Korg Releases iPolysix for iPad and iPad mini

Korg has released the iPolysix for iPad and iPad mini -

15 Best iPad Apps For Newbies

Network World magazine recently posted a list of apps for newbies:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quark releases DesignPad for iPad

This looks very interesting. I just downloaded it and have. It had a chance to use it, yet. But if you do design work like create brochures and posters, and have an iPad, you should consider grabbing this app while it is free!  Read more at MacWorld here:

Monday, July 9, 2012

How the iPad is helping Scientists

This a nice article that references several apps of interest o scientists. I continue to be intrigued by how different people are using iPads and iPhones. Check out the article here: